Adwords campaigns from Promptweb can allow your web site to be seen by more qualified viewers

What is an Adwords Campaign?

The most popular route of online marketing is with the Google search engine and its Adwords campaigns. In a few words, Google provides this “pay-per-click” service to customers in order to highlight their web site and its products/services for specific words entered in a search. A text advertisement is placed within the search results page for such keywords, and you as the customer are charged only if your ad is “clicked”. You also bid on placement on search pages for particular keywords against competitors.

Adwords campaigns need constant attention to be successful. Continuous review of the effectiveness of the textual ad and the bidding for specific keywords needs to be accomplished almost daily when advertising with Adwords..

Effective Adwords Campaigns From Promptweb

Promptweb can help you with effectively utilizing Adwords campaigns by taking advantage of our Adwords management services to produce results-driven campaigns. We work with you to set-up and manage effective and profitable campaigns in this competitive search engine marketing realm. Promptweb will work with you to fully understand your business services and products and create a list of targeted keywords that could bring increased visitors to your website that are specifically looking for what you are offering. We assist you in generating more qualified traffic to your website, and reliably manage your paid listings on Google Adwords.

Benefits Realized in Using Promptweb’s Adwords Management:

  • lower costs in advertising than without use of a professional Adwords Management Team
  • improved ROI
  • Receive highly qualified, targeted traffic

We have worked with a wide variety of industries including real estate, health care, tourism, jewelry, construction, technology, fashion & beauty and more. We manage all aspects of your Google AdWords account. We will identify the goals of your company, review all your products and services then construct a listing of targeted keywords, review and watch all keyword bids all while staying within your budget. We continue to track all aspects of your website and present your company with monthly statistics detailing all results.

The usual minimum time period for our Adwords campaign package is three months to fully achieve it’s effectiveness – but we are willing to start up your campaign and leave the monthly management to you – if you so desire.


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