Website services for Long Island, New York from Promptweb of Long Island NY provides a search engine friendly website design with every project we take on. This approach to website design makes it easier for people searching the internet to find your businesses products and services. Designing with not only people but search engines in mind helps to rank your website well in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We also build websites aesthetically with clean coding and using all Meta data like title tags, descriptions and alt tags.

Interactive & User Friendly Web Designs

Building your website with a clean interface, while making certain aspects interactive is a key design element we use. This helps your site visitor find their way easily through your website, finding what they desire quickly. Our design team places key products and services right where site visitor expects, avoiding any frustration and keeping site visitors satisfied. A general rule of thumb we use – a website that is pleasing to the eye and provides rapid access to what site visitors what is the goal!

Just Give Them What They Want As Quick As You Can!

As technology increases providing the human race with fast results on everything you can think of, the human race now expects fast results in every form of information technology. Most people on the internet know the particular product or service they are looking for before they even touch their computer, phone or tablet. They should be presented with a simple website that is set up with a natural flow of information and products with descriptive headers and bullet point offers. A website should never create frustration for a visitor. Within one maybe 2 clicks, the visitor should find what they came for. This idea is good web development techniques. Promptweb listens to your needs, understands your products and services and then produces a well-organized website with an intuitive flow.

An Interactive, Mobile Friendly Design for Visitors on the Go

As a leading Long Island freelance web designer, every website design Promptweb creates is sure to be mobile-device friendly.  All websites, even mobile sites, need to be interactive to some degree in order to engage your site visitor. Such elements can be a gallery with a lightbox presenting your products, a video presentation on how to operate your product or even a “read more” button that opens up hidden text within the page.

Mobile designs should provide text in a larger-more easily read format that is shown perfectly on any mobile phone system and tablet window. Products should appear clear and fully within the mobile device window. Promptweb also does full testing of a website prior to it going live to ensure proper viewing of your website not only the different browsers on a computer/laptop screen, but also within all mobile devices.

If you have an existing website design that is not mobile-friendly, Promptweb can create a separate mobile site – or freshen up your current site to make it mobile-friendly.


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