Website domain registration services for Long Island NY from Promptweb

Build Your Business Credibility with Domain Name Registration

Let Promptweb assist with your domain name registration.  It identifies you as a permanent address on the Internet, helps with search engine ranking and can assist in branding your business in the eyes of millions of internet users.

Registering a domain name for your business also allows you to obtain a unique and permanent email address to provide to clientele. This email address identifies you as a professional looking business and provides ways for internet users to find you and your business online more easily.

No matter how small your business may be, registering a domain name that matches your business name, product or service can put your business on an equal footing with any of your competitors. For many products and services, it seems there is a running out of availability of certain names, however the staff at Promptweb can assist you in finding that perfect & unique domain name to get you started with your site – or to add more available paths to your website.

The Proper Domain Name Can Increase Your Visibility Online

Domain names can be created to include common “keywords” that can ultimately improve your website’s ranking in search results returned by the major search engines.  Some search engines will not index the pages of your website if you do not have a unique domain name.  Some of the search directories will not list your business or its products without a unique domain name.  Also the longer your domain name has been in existence – Plus – the longer you have paid ahead yearly for your domain name can also increase your website’s respectability in the algorithms of search engines.  In addition to improving your search rankings, a domain name can also improve your visibility and branding when advertising or promoting your website. Think of it this way, if a possible customer on the web or reading print sees a memorable domain name, they will be more likely to remember you and visit your website.



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