For many businesses, especially small businesses, budgeting pay-per-click (PPC)

campaigns can be tricky. When every dollar counts, it’s critical to find ways to cut down

on ad spending. To help you get started, here are five ways you can reduce your PPC

spending and increase your ROI.


The first three come from Portent’s article 5 Critical Tips for PPC Success for Small

Businesses on a Budget:


  1. Use location exclusions – “Advertise only where you can deliver”. If your

company only distributes its products or services within the U.S., make sure

your ads are only targeting the U.S.


  1. Separate networks by campaign -“When advertisers set up their

campaigns, Google, by default, recommends serving your ads on both

the Search and Display Networks. This is a great strategy if you want to have

an outlandish number of impressions and overpay for each click by a visitor…”

Instead, set up separate campaigns to target each network individually.


  1. Use negative keywords – Negative keywords will help you filter out people

searching for unrelated keywords, preventing your ads from receiving

unwanted clicks and impressions. The last two come from Search Engine

Watch’s article Five Ways to Slash Ad Spend and Achieve Results Right Now:


  1. Tiered bidding – “The gist of it is this(and here’s a good article on the

nitty-gritty details): you can use multiple match types to bid on the

same keywords to help control budget.”


  1. Standard ad delivery & ad scheduling – Standard ad delivery

stretches your daily budget and tries to show your ad throughout the whole

day instead exhausting that budget quickly by showing your ads as many

times as possible early in the day. Also, ad scheduling allows you to control the

days and times your ads are running. Be sure to check out each article for more

tips to help you cut down ad spending and boost your ROI!