subbanner-3A Contact Page is a key component to any well-designed website. Whether the purpose of your website is to generate revenue or dispense information, it is important for the author of a website to be accessible to his or her customer base. There are several ingredients in the recipe for a successful Contact Page. This article will discuss the four common mistakes to avoid when making your Contact Page.

#1 Frustrating Forms

The form on a Contact Page can be a powerful tool for many website viewers. The purpose of a form on a Contact Page is to create a user-friendly way for people to contact you.  Avoid the following misuses of forms:

No Alternative Contact Information: The form should not be the only way a viewer can contact you. In addition to a form, you should include your contact information such as your email address and phone number. If your customer base has more ways to contact your company, you’re more likely to establish a clear path of communication.

Lengthy, Complicated Forms: Have you ever been at the DMV and felt frustrated with lengthy paperwork? A short and simple form will encourage viewers to contact you. A long and complicated form will leave people frustrated. Contacting your company should be a hassle-free process. Remember, you just need enough information to start the conversation.

#2 Hard to Find or Missing Contact Page

The Contact Page should be easy-to-find. This means, the contact page link should be included in the website menu and at the footer of every page. In addition to location, the contact page should be clearly labeled “Contact” or “Contact Us”. Even a good contact page will be ineffective if the customer can’t find it; or, if it was never created in the first place.

#3 Lack of Clear Messaging

Your Contact Page should have cohesive messaging. Clear messaging refers to the text on the page. Without cohesive messaging, your client won’t understand “why” they should contact your company. Avoid the following messaging mishaps:

Lack of Stated Purpose: Why should your client base contact you? Are you offering a quote on lawn care? Are you offering a free legal consult? Your page should clearly convey the benefit your customer base will receive for contacting you.

Distractions: The physical look of a page is just as important in sending a clear message to your client base as your physical text. The Contact Page should have the same theme as the rest of your website. In addition, it should have a clean, professional physical layout.

Missing Social Media Links: Your contact page should have links to your company Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Social media is great PR for your company or brand.

Information that is Outdated: Outdated or conflicting information will take away from a clear message on any Contact Page.

#4 The Contact Page isn’t functional

Have you ever been frustrated about a broken link to a product you wanted to buy online?  One of the worst mistakes to round up our list of four mistakes not to make when creating a contact page is having a page that isn’t functional. This is potentially the most frustrating mistake for your customer base because they will put forth the effort to contact you with no results. This will cause resentment for your company or brand.