web design companyThe pressure for your company to reign supreme on search engine rankings is higher than ever before. Online shopping is a staple of the global marketplace, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. You need to be investing the right amount of time and resources into establishing a credible online presence to keep up with the competition.

A professional web design company can help you make your way to the top of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, catching the eye of anybody who searches for your product or service. There are a ton of myths when it comes to web development, so it’s important to avoid common pitfalls and be informed on just how much a web design company can truly help in improving your business.

Don’t: Assume your company “doesn’t need a professional website”
The widespread use of internet shopping is nothing new. Online stores have been around for years, and advances in technology have made them more prevalent than ever. Even if you don’t directly sell products online, your brand must be visible to those who search for your company.

Do: Invest in the best website possible, regardless of your business
Even an Amish furniture outlet needs a way to get their name out there and compete with big-box stores. Great web development helps to level the playing field between mom-and-pop shops and major corporations, so you’ll never have to worry about reaching your target audience.

Don’t: Cut corners and build a boring website
While professional SEO services, or Search Engine Optimization, will leapfrog you to the top of search results, it means nothing if your website can’t keep a customer’s attention. A text-based design that doesn’t include pictures or videos is the fastest way to make users lose interest in your website.

Do: Enhance the visual appeal of your website
Visual assets are crucial to your website’s success, and the statistics back it up. Online video content views top 50 billion views a month, and people prefer to see a picture of your product as opposed to reading a paragraph explaining what it does. A professional web design company will build stunning visuals for your website to keep people coming back.

Don’t: Neglect your newly designed website. Ok, your beautiful website is up and ready. Now what?

Do: Properly maintain your website. The best web design companies offer continuous support to take care of any bugs that may pop up after the website is completed. Search engines like Google are always changing the algorithms they use to rank websites, so it’s crucial that you hire a digital marketing agency that can stay on top of these updates and adjust your website accordingly.