Whenever you are moving your site, changing urls or location of pages and you want to preserve your Search Engine Optimization efforts and money well spent follow these simple rules. The worst thing that can happen is you build a beautiful site and launch it and you see that your site is now falling out of favor. The answer is a 301 redirect it can be done in the htaccess file or on IIS. Here are the key points to remember

  • Keep the title the same on the new page
  • Keep the Meta data the same on the new page
  • Make sure the new page has similar content for example if the page is about Wedding Gowns don’t point it to wedding venues
  • Then test your redirect to make sure it is working properly.

I found a cool tool to check if your site is redirecting properly. Check it out!
Type in www.pw2.com and it should redirect to pw2.com. In addition it will tell you that it is search engine friendly.

Search Engine Friendly Redirect Check

Enter the URL whose Redirect you want to check