seo servicesThe Internet has never been more important to business. In 2011, more than $1.1 trillion in sales were influenced, directly and indirectly, by the Internet. All kinds of people use the Internet to access information and order products from around the world. There are seemingly few places that haven’t been touched by the World Wide Web.

One of the results of the proliferation of the Internet has been a total change in how marketing is done. Marketing must appeal to users who are accustomed to fast, succinct information on platforms accessible on a variety of devices, not just traditional computers. Nowadays, Internet users prefer their content in a visual format; visual content such as videos are played 50 billion times around the world every month!

As a result of today’s user preferences, digital marketing tends to be shorter and sweeter than before. Graphic design, web development, and web design are incredibly important to any successful online marketing strategy. Web designers, for example, know the latest trends in website content and design accordingly.

Did you know that the average Internet user reads only a quarter of the content on a webpage? Did you also know that 40% of users will leave a webpage if it take more than three seconds to load? These are things web designers are very aware of, facts that can trip up inexperienced, “do it yourself” marketers.

One particularly successful method of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO services do their marketing on search engines such as Google and Bing by developing organic web content for their clients. This content has one objective in mind: to get on top of the search results page or as close to it as possible. SEO services have been wildly successful and have taken digital marketing to new heights.

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